“True luxury lies in the simplicity and excellence of service.
It’s about access - not just private jets.”

"Because we are more than travel designers.
We’re a lifestyle."

"You will breathe, taste and feel something different and new.

You will live Portugal the way we do."

What we offer

Bespoke Journeys

Van Zeller & Son provides customised travel experiences in Portugal for individual travelers and small groups. We offer a fresh perspective on travelling, opening the doors to an exclusive way of life and presenting our guests the opportunity to truly experience Portugal within a privileged manner. More than seeing, you will breathe, taste and feel something different and new. You will get to live Portugal, the way we do.

Based in Porto, our distinguished network of contacts allows us to share with you a profound knowledge of the best locations through a personal and selective point of view. It’s our deep connection to this land and its people that inspires this singular opportunity for visitors to enter a world of family customs and traditions, where the finest and most authentic in accommodation, transport and meals is assured, allowing you to relax and fully live every moment.

How we work

Our Perspective, Your Story

For us, true luxury lies in the simplicity and excellence of service. It’s about access, not just private jets. Whether you’re on business or pleasure, you are never treated as a tourist, but as a family guest.

We design specific journeys or plan a programme within your own trip, picking you up from the moment your programme begins and dropping you off when it ends. We make sure each journey is tailor-made: whether you want to discover a private wine estate in the stunning Douro valley, visit a thousand year old medieval castle, parachute off a plane or all three. They are shaped around your interests and schedule, accommodating all your needs and requirements.

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Special & Corporate Events

Van Zeller & Son, as a specialised boutique luxury incoming tour operator, has created an unique events department, that focuses on our larger corporate groups that enjoy the same amount of attention to detail and creativity as our individual travellers.

We pride on our capability to host all of our guests in the way we ourselves love to be welcomed abroad, whatever their size.

It is through our highest quality standards and personalised service that we are able to provide with a wide range of luxurious and authentic portuguese programs to our special & corporate events guests, all across the country, containing the most spectacular activities, properties and venues that truly match our clients’ demands.

We know that our creativity and originality, together with our expertise, will allow you to live the most out of your event and make it truly unforgettable.

“Whether you are on business or pleasure, you will always be treated as a family guest.”
Be Inspired
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Who we are

The van Zeller Way

In the early 18th Century, Arnaldo João van Zeller set out from the family home in Rotterdam, Netherlands and moved to the city of Oporto in Portugal. Ever since, the van Zeller name has been historically intertwined with the tradition and heritage of Portugal; a foreign family name, with a very Portuguese heart.

Teresa van Zeller belongs to the 14th generation of the wine-making branch of this family and has over 30 years’ experience in the wine and hospitality industry. Her son, Gonçalo, born in Portugal and internationally educated, has a past linked to art and design and a life-long love of all things aesthetic.

Together, they have combined forces to share their creative vision and passion for hospitality in their home country, Portugal.

“A foreign family name with a very Portuguese heart.”

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